What is Saucy?

Saucy is a $10-$50/month web app that enables you to live in an online world to fuel your real life happiness. Giving you infinite freedom to live the life you want, we provide moments that can be turned into memories, and create long lasting positive effects on your life.

How are we different?

Living on Planet Saucy
• 90 second memorable moments. Proof
• 25% happier per minute. Proof
• 34x less expensive cost of living. Proof

Living on Planet Earth
• 85% of all people hate their jobs. Proof
• 2/3 of humanity is unhappy. Proof
• 1/2 of individuals live on less than $2.50/day. Proof

Why join Saucy?

Saucy allows you to have the freedom to live the life you want, solve any problem that comes your way by shifting your perspective, and experience your happiness on a daily basis. We connect you to everything you love about life (relationships, health, happiness, passions, etc.) in a sleek, simple to use web application. This creates a deep level of consciousness and thinking, because you are constantly processing moments into memories in your mind for your short, medium, and long term future while using our app.

Why $10-$50/month?

1. Saucy is an entire universe similar to this one (accessible via a web-based application) you can live in for ~$1/day that enables you to affordably live the life you want. The average cost of living is $1,709/month, which is at least 34x more expensive than Saucy.

2. The average SaaS (software as a service) web app costs $30/month. They all offer 1 product. We offer 250+ products for the same price.

3. Imagine paying just $1 to have a happy moment you can turn into a memory. Anyone would. At Saucy, you only pay $1/day to have as many as you'd like daily.

4. Netflix ($100 billion in revenue) is $15/month. We already offer movies & TV. And once again, it's one out of 250 benefits.

5. The average cable subscription is $99/month. Saucy has a TV section in our web browser which is just a micro section of the world, and $50/month is the most you’ll ever pay. We offer far more value for half the price of the other guys.

Wish to learn more?

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