The Fortean World Times

Photograph of a flying saucer over the US Capitol building

Washington D.C. Attacked By Flying Saucers

Dateline Washington D.C.

Frank Bragg reporting

The country was brought to a standstill today when flying saucers – presumably from Mars, although Venusians have also been suspected – appeared over the nation’s capital, intent on destruction. Curiously, they only attacked Pennsylvania Avenue, and have not appeared elsewhere in the country.

Photograph of a Bigfoot

Bigfoot Found, Shot, Killed

Dateline Washington State

Jessica Walsh reporting

The first conclusive proof of the elusive Sasquatch was found today, when one of the ape-men was found and killed by a hunter in the north-eastern corner of the state.

The hunter plans to tour the pelt in the fall.

Photograph of an alligator emerging from an open manhole cover

Nest of Alligators Found in New York Sewers

Dateline New York City

Ted Sturgis reporting

Years of rumours were confirmed yesterday when a nest of alligators were found in the sewers of New York City, just south of Times Square. The largest, which locals have dubbed “Mugsy”, measures over 21 feet long.