Thinking outside the div

I love the web.

It connects us with people and information. It breaks down borders and there is so much we can do with it.

I have a passion...

for css and front end web development.

It's exciting

I can take what is an empty box and with one selector make it into something new and beautiful.

To me, this is art, this is creativity.

I’m saddened

That so many people view code as some kind of logical, dry thing that is just for ‘nerds’.

Being a nerd is wonderful

A nerd is someone who is passionate, they pour their heart and soul into learning, creating and thinking!

Being a nerd does not make you a robot, it’s actually the opposite.

Code has logic, but you still have to think creatively

You make something with numbers, letters and symbols and decide how it will come together to create something new!

There is a misconception

People think that code is restrictive. That it prevents and limits creativity.

This is completely wrong.

Our limits are the same

Basically time and money and with enough time and money we can figure out a way to do whatever we want.

But we limit ourselves.

Sameness isn’t because of the nature of the web, it’s just the nature of people.

We replicate, copy & re-use

We stick with what is familiar because it’s safe.

We stick with common patterns and ideas

because they have been proven successful!

But then we are just memorising and following the ideas of others.

When you improvise you have heightened brain activity

So if you are memorising what already exists are you restricting yourself creatively from the get go?

Don’t think of the web as a collection of rectangles.

Think outside the div, the square rectangular block.

We are only constrained by the box we put ourselves in.

♥ from mandy