Bristol harbour

I live in Bristol. It mostly rains, but when it isn't raining we have hot air balloons.

The balloons sometimes congregate for mass launches, raising the possibility of one landing in your garden.

Harbour Cranes

Bristol harbour

We also have giant cranes, and historic boats. It is best if the balloons avoid these.

Striped Balloon

Coloured balloon

I like the nice standard balloons. Stripy. Solid looking basket.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum and Mason balloon

This one uses the correct Pantone colour for Fortnum and Mason.

Funfair Problems


Here we have balloons getting tangled up with a funfair.


Swatch Balloon

We have balloons in special shapes. This one is a Swatch.


Minion Balloon

Here is a Minion. Minions are at least a reasonable shape for a balloon. Some of the special shapes struggle to leave the ground.

Where is the basket?


If you don't need to take your lunch with you, you can do without the wicker basket.